Saturday, August 4, 2012

Frisco Heritage Museum

The best part of the library summer reading programs are all the coupons for free things you get when the kids complete them.  Between Frisco and McKinney's programs, we have the rest of our summer activities covered.  Friday we took advantage of our tickets for free admission to the Frisco Heritage Museum.  We had a great time and we pleasantly surprised at what a nice little museum it is.  

There are some great exhibits that take you through the history of the City of Frisco.  Among our favorites were the original printing press from the Frisco Journal.
 A 1913 Model T
 A 1930 Model A Coupe
 A Parlor from the 1910's
 And of course the den from the 1960's. It was so amusing to show Kirsten the 8-track, record player and a rotary telephone!
 They have an area that is interactive for the kids where Katie loved collecting eggs over and over again.
 And Kirsten wanted to wash clothes
 Kirsten was also particularly fascinated with the old-fashioned kitchen.
 And of course, no museum would be complete without the token railroad exhibit!
We plan on going back on August 19th when they have the historic buildings open for free.  It was a great little museum and I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

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