Saturday, August 4, 2012


On our way back home for Colorado, we stopped for a day and a half in Topeka, Kansas to visit my mom. Kirsten almost immediately went to the basement and started playing pool with Grandpa.
So of course, Katie had to join in too!
 On Tuesday, my mom was able to take a day off work and we went on a tour of the State Capitol building.  It is such a beautiful building and full of amazing murals depicting the history of Kansas.
 Kirsten even got to sit at the Governor's desk!
 We were able to see the chambers for the House of Representatives - do you spot my future Speaker of the House?
 Then we visited the Kansas Supreme Court Room
 And finally ended in the Senate Chambers.  They are in the oldest part of the building and absolutely breathtaking!
 After the tour we had lunch at Hanovers - which by the way have the most amazing pancakes in the entire world!  Then we hung out and watched movies at my mom's house while Katie napped and Jeremy had two phone interviews.  Then we hit the only splash park in town so that the kiddos could cool off.  They are having quite the heat wave there - it was hotter than it is in Texas!

 We got the girls dried off and changed, had a fabulous dinner at Famous Dave's Barbeque and then headed over to Gage Park.  They have this incredible, old, carousel that is all original, complete with a Wurlitzer organ that plays the music.  Katie completely refused to go on one of the horses and sat on the bench with a scowl on her face the whole ride.  Oh well.
 Kirsten however, loved it and wanted to go again and again.  Good thing it was free night!
And of course, what visit to Kansas would be complete without a chance to pose as Dorothy!
We got up early on Wednesday and headed home from our week long adventure.  It was so wonderful to be able to stop and see my mom.  We  miss her and love her so much!

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