Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kirsten is 7!

My precious Kirsten turned 7 years old today!  Time seems to be flying by, and I would really like it to slow down a little bit.  Some facts about Kirsten...

She is 51 inches tall - 95% in her height!
She wears a size 10 clothes and 3 in shoes
She can ride a two-wheel bicycle
She loves to read and finishes a new chapter book almost every two days
She taught herself to play Scripture Power on the piano this week
She is constantly dancing and singing
She is starting her 5th year of ballet this month
She thinks that doing chores is fun
She prefers to play with her little sister over anyone else
And she has the biggest heart of anyone I know

Today was all about her, starting with the homemade blueberry waffles for breakfast.
 Then she opened her presents from mommy and daddy and Grandma and Grandpa Starnes.
 The highlight of her day was her Luau at the pool.  She has been planning it for almost a year and had all of the details worked out for me.  After some swimming time, everyone got to wear a lei, and the girls got flowers in their hair.  Kirsten even had a pink grass skirt.
The kids had a ton of fun doing the limbo.  
  Then Colette and I led the kids in the Macarena (exactly 10 times, by Kirsten's specifications)
 I made cupcakes that were blue - she had to stay up late last night to make sure that I got the color just right to match the ocean in Hawaii - and had purple and yellow flowers on them.
 Katie was right in on the action the entire time and went through several root beers without us knowing.
 Kirsten was so grateful for all of her presents and told me that every single thing she got was on her wish list.  She got school clothes and shoes from Grandma and Grandpa Starnes, new ballet clothes and ballet shoes from Grandma and Grandpa Lowe and a new backpack for school from Grandma and Grandpa Alleman.  She also got some great games and crafts from her friends.  I think that Keeton wins the prize though with the Nancy Drew books - the screaming and hug that followed says it all!
 After her party, I gave her a birthday manicure and pedicure and Salon Mom.  She loved being pampered on her special day.
Tonight we had Grandma and Grandpa Lowe over for Lasagne and Root Beer floats (that is what she wanted instead of cake) and made her birthday celebration literally last all day long.  We love our Kirsten so much and loved being able to make her feel special today.


Janet Adams Starnes said...

Thank you so much for posting pictures of Kirsten's 7th Birthday Party! Kirsten is a very special young girl and you are right she does have a very compassionate heart for one so young. We love her and you all very much. Love, MOM & Clinton

Ryan, Cassie and Crew said...

Happy birthday to a wonderful girl! A beautiful and thoughtful girl that we miss very much. Beth is begging to skype with you all. Thanks for the pics. We loved seeing them.

Unknown said...

What a FUN birthday!! Wow that's the Best Blue I've ever seen on cupcakes!!! Kirsten has got such a great tan :)