Monday, August 27, 2012

Second Grade

Today was Kirsten's first day of 2nd Grade!  I can hardly believe how much my little girl has grown up.  It was strange walking into Ogle and turning the other direction to go to a new POD. 

 She was very specific about wearing her favorite dress to school, having a side french braid and then topped it off with the necklace I made for her.  
 Kirsten's new desk
 Kirsten and her 2nd Grade Teacher, Ms Olson.  She is a first year teacher and is so excited to be teaching. I hope that her enthusiasm rubs off on the kids!
 And to top it all off, Azalea is in Kirsten's class.  They were in kindergarten together and are "bffs"  They could not be more excited.
So now I get to enjoy a quiet day with just Katie before I go back to work tomorrow.  Katie was sad without Kirsten until she realized that there was no one here to turn off her Choo Choos and Blues Clues.

 I can hardly wait to hear how my little princess did at school today!


Ryan, Cassie and Crew said...

Beth here: I wish Kirsten could come over today and stay for a couple days. I love you so much. Love Beth.

Janet Adams Starnes said...

I cannot believe that Kirsten is in second grade! I remember things about my second grade year at John Adams Elementary School in Norman, OK. It looks like she has a very enthusiastic teacher and that is wonderful! I am glad that Azalea is in her class--it is always good to have friends at school.

See you tonight! Love, MOM