Thursday, October 4, 2012


Life seems to have become quite the balancing act around here.  Jeremy's job is going very well, but is also very busy.  We have gone from having daddy home every night between 5 and 5:30 to him working between 65 to 80 hours a week and most of the weekends.  The past few weeks have been an adjustment period for all of us.  We are learning though, and staying as busy as ever.

Katie is loving her dance class.  She is also learning how to tumble and can do a somersault all by herself.
Thursdays have turned into our picnic and movie night.  I let Kirsten pick what we eat and we have a picnic in the living room.
 Katie gets to pick the movie and we all snuggle in my quilt.
 Katie is growing up and learning more everyday.  She is completely obsessed with books.  She always has several with her.  She is also obsessed with Princesses.  Her favorite is Cinderella, and sleeps with the Cinderella book.  She thinks that every prince is daddy.

Katie has also learned how to ride her scooter.  We try to spend time every day after school outside riding, especially now that it is finally cooling off. 

 Kirsten is such a wonderful big sister and is so patient in teaching her sister.  They love to ride side by side.
 We also got Kirsten a new bike last week.  She has grown so much that her other one was just way too small.  She is so excited to have a bike with 6 speeds and hand breaks, and keeps asking when she can go ride it on mountains since it is a mountain bike.  We have been riding bikes to and from school this week again since it is under 100 degrees finally.  It is a great workout doing it two times a day pulling Katie behind me in her trailer.
 Kirsten is also doing really well at school.  They got progress reports last week, it is her first one ever as they just started doing actual grades this year.  She had a 96 in Math, 96 in Language Arts and Spelling, 100 in Social Studies, 99 in Science and 99 in Reading.  Her teacher told her she had the highest grades in the class.  We are still getting used to daily homework, but I am so proud of her for working so hard and applying herself at school.  She is also taking two ballet classes now, and doing so well with her dancing.

As for me, I am trying to balance everything and maintain my sanity.  I have 25 students this year and will probably end up with a few more at the middle school.  I am also still the Organizer for our neighborhood Mom's Group, the Girl Scout Troop Leader, Room Mom for Kirsten's class, teaching Gospel Essentials on Sundays, and basically being a single mom Mon-Fri now.  My saving grace is my gym time.  I know that every morning I will have an hour to myself with no distractions.  I cannot stress how important that time is for me both physically and mentally, and I highly recommend it to every mom out there.

We are figuring out that Jeremy's job will be slow the first two weeks of each month and insane the last two. So we are trying to capitalize on our time together these two weeks before things get crazy.  So it has been difficult, but we are adapting and cherishing what time we do have together.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am so glad you are making adjustments at home during the week and also taking time for yourself everyday--that is so very important! I love you Laura--hang in there--you are a Super Trooper--Girl Scout/Mom/Wife/Teacher and many other things. I am so proud of you.

Love, MOM