Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday was a busy day for us around here.  Not only did we have the Fun Run, we also had our very first Girl Scout Campout as a whole troop.  I had seven little brownies camping in my backyard!  It turned out to be so much fun and the girls did great!  We made mini pizzas for dinner.  Each girl brought their favorite topping to share.  We showed how we are each unique, but we come together to make something wonderful!

After dinner we made Sharpie Tie Dyed shirts.  I found the idea on Pinterest and it is much less messy!
After shirts, we divided into two groups and had the girls do skits based on part of the Girl Scout Law combined with random props that Kirsten pulled from her playroom.

 After the skits, it was time for s'mores and songs - the best part of any campout.
 The girls were great about getting ready for bed, we read them two stories, and tucked them in.  I think that having the fun run earlier that day contributed greatly to their willingness to sleep!
 The girls got up about 7 on Saturday morning and we made pancakes for breakfast.
 We spent the rest of the morning doing science experiments.  We made rock candy, soda bottle rockets with mentos, did a density test, and made salt and pepper dance with a balloon.
The favorite of the day was the dinosaur snot! (cornstarch, water and food coloring)
 I think they played with it for almost 30 minutes!
 Then the girls cleaned up and headed home.  I was so proud of how independent they were - washing their own dishes, getting themselves set up and cleaned up.  It made me more optimistic about taking them two hours away in the spring.  Of course, I had wonderful moms who stayed the night and sacrificed sleep and comfort to make it all go well.  By the end of the campout the girls had earned two badges and did some great work towards their Journey Badge.  It was such a fun campout!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Looks like they had GREAT FUN!!

Love, MOM