Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Run

This year, instead of selling cookie dough for a fundraiser, Kirsten's school had a fun run.  The kids asked for per-lap donations and then last Friday they had their fun run.   The kids were so pumped up to get out and run.  I thought they were going to be worn out before they even started running!

And they're off!
  I have never seen anyone so happy to be running!
 The Principal, Ms Tinsley even got in on the action during the skipping lap.
  Kirsten's teacher, Ms Olson also got out and ran with the kids.
 Katie and I had fun lining up with the other moms and cheering everyone on.  After about 20 minutes though, Katie really wanted to get out there too.  Kirsten was so obliging and took her sister around for a few laps with her.
 In the end, Kirsten ran 32 laps in 30 minutes.  I was so proud of her.
It was such a wonderful, positive, and uplifting experience for the kids.  All about staying active, making positive choices, and supporting one another.  She definitely accomplished all that and more!  Way to go Kirsten!

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