Friday, October 12, 2012

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair!

On Monday, the girls were out of school and Jeremy was off of work.  We decided to spend the day at the Texas State Fair.  This is big for us because we have only been one other time, and it was a nightmare.  Jeremy's mom and sister Megan went with us too.  We were determined to make this year better, starting by taking the train down.  It was Kirsten and Katie's first time on a train, and they loved it!

 We packed all of our own food and drinks to avoid fair food and found a bench for a picnic lunch.
 The main reason we wanted to go was for this
 This year is the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts and there was a huge exhibit is the Hall of State dedicated to Girl Scout History.
Do you see that Brownie Uniform on the right?  That is what I wore as a Brownie.  I did not realize I was old enough to have things that I wore as a kid be part of a history exhibit!
 There were interactive exhibits as well that Kirsten loved.

  The theme for the Year of the Girl is "Be There So She Can Be Here."  They had a photo booth where they took the girls' pictures and put them in backgrounds that the girls chose.  Kirsten aspires to be a Presidential Candidate.
 And Katie wants to be Chairman of the Board.
We also enjoyed the Dog  Shows.

 The park was not nearly as crowded as last time we went and so we were able to do so much more because of the shorter lines.
 We loved being able to visit Little Hands on the Farm again, and it was fun having Megan join us!
 My Little Farm Girls!
 They received feed for the animals, watered trees and picked peaches.
 They also milked and fed a cow, and fed chickens and collected eggs.
 They loved being able to plant seeds to grow a garden,
Although Katie insisted on putting the dirt in the cup with her seed instead of the seed into the dirt.  Hey, whatever works!

 Katie even got to drive a tractor - Kirsten was too big!
 We also enjoyed the craft exhibits, a sculpture made out of butter, and the lego contest winners.
 The highlight for me was being able to see the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps performance.  Katie alternated between dancing along and conducting the music.
 We spent some time looking at cars as well.  I have to say that this one was my favorite!  Do you think I can get one of these?
Our one fair foods splurge were the Fried Samoa Girl Scout Cookies.  They were unbelievable!
 I think that having Grandma and Megan there made it that much more fun.  The girls sure love them!
 We ended the day with seeing Bridgit Mendler in concert.  In case you don't know, she is Teddy from Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel.  Kirsten is completely in love with her music and was so surprised when we told her we would see her.

We staked out a good spot on a wall where we could climb up and see over the sea of people.  Here are Kirsten and Megan waiting for the concert to start.
  Jeremy was a great sport and put Kirsten up on his shoulders.  When Bridgit came out, she said she had never seen so many tall little girls!  I held Katie and we were all able to see and loved the music.  Katie kept clapping along over her head.
 I circled Bridgit in red on the the left of the stage!
Kirsten thoroughly enjoyed her first rock concert!
We caught the train home and then stopped at In n Out for dinner on the way home.  Megan and Grandma had never been!  Overall, we had a wonderful day at the fair.  We may even try it again someday!


Tyler Andersen said...

How fun!!! I'm so jealous! Especially y'all eating the fried girl scout cookies, those looked amazing! It looked like y'all had an amazing time! I miss you so much and pray for y'all all the time!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

WOW! It looks like you had tons of fun at the State Fair! I used to love to go to the State Fair in Oklahoma. We have never been to the one in Kansas as it is at least two hours away in Hutchinson, KS. You brought back some fond memories of the fair to me with your posts. Thanks, glad you all had fun. Love, MOM