Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Dancing

Both of my girls celebrated Christmas at their dance studios in fun ways.

Katie had a Christmas party and they told the story of the Nutcracker through stories and dances.  The little girls go to do the dances.  It was so cute.
 Katie was not sure what to make of meeting the Nutcracker.
Kirsten's dance studio had performances for each of her three classes.  She has become such a graceful ballerina.
 This is her Saturday Ballet class
 On December 1st, she started a Jazz Class.  She has learned so much in just 3 classes.  The did  a really cute dance to "Santa Baby"
 Kirsten's Monday Ballet class with her teacher Ms Jamey. 
I could not get the videos to post here, but I put them on Facebook if you want to see my dancer in motion!

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