Thursday, March 14, 2013

Megan, Bonnie and Clyde

In February, Jeremy's parents went on a two week cruise to Hawaii.  We had the privilege of Jeremy's sister, Megan staying with us along with Bonnie and Clyde for two and a half weeks.  
 I have never been one to like dogs, in fact I very much disliked them.  We fell in love with Bonnie and Clyde though.  We had so much fun snuggling on the couch with them.  Katie and I enjoyed their morning walks and it got to where she was the one walking them.
 We also loved having Megan here with us.  She was such a joy to have and Katie in particular became completely attached to her.  It reminds me of Kirsten and Kacey's relationship.  I am so glad that they had the time together to build that bond.  We miss having her smiling face here every morning.

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