Friday, April 5, 2013

Antics of my girly girls

Although many days seem to pass without us doing anything that seems blog worthy, there is never a dull moment around this house.  Katie and Gingy keep me on my toes during the day.  I am pretty sure Katie thinks that he is either her life sized baby doll or her little brother, not sure which.  She is constantly carrying him around the house, wrestling with him or snuggling.  He is a good sport and just takes it in stride.
They even had a "sleep over" together one day for nap time.
Most of the time she is really good with him.  We just try to keep her from loving him too much!
And speaking of Gingy, I love this picture.  He was laying in my lap on his back trying to hold onto his bone with his front paws and chewing on it like crazy.  He kept dropping it and would get so frustrated.  It was so funny!
Katie is my littlest ballerina.  She loves to go to her ballet class every week.  She asks everyday.  I think we have about 20 dance parties a week around here.
 Of course the real fun starts when Kirsten gets home from school.   They both love having mommy do their nails.
Katie was having a hard afternoon one day, so Kirsten laid down on the floor with her and they snuggled until she cheered up!  I love how well they get along!

And they can be found most afternoons on the trampoline, sometimes with the dog.  Like I said, he is a good sport and just takes it all in stride.
 Kirsten has taken it upon herself to do family home evening every week.  She does it from beginning to end. She had a whole presentation set up under the blanket.  She was directing the opening song and Katie had to join her.  I am sure we were a sight, with me playing the piano, they were conducting daddy and the dog!
 Kirsten has also started to want to cook dinner.  So once a week she is in charge of the meal planning, shopping list and cooking dinner start to finish.  She loves doing it, and says that it make her appreciate what I do every night (I love this girl!)  Last week she made spaghetti and even chopped all of the squash by herself.
Last night, she made tacos completely on her own. 
Kirsten had a field trip this past week to the Plano Children's Theatre.  She wanted to dress up so she could look her best.  She is so beautiful!
 I am so proud of her!  I love both my girls so much.  They bring so much joy and sunshine to our lives!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

They are growing up way too fast!!!!