Sunday, April 14, 2013

California Trip Day 1 - Saturday

This past week we were able to go on an amazing family vacation to California.  Kirsten and Katie have been so excited about it.  Three weeks ago we made a count down chart and everyday they have each placed a princess sticker on the chart.  Finally, the day arrived.  The final two stickers were placed and we were off to the airport.
 On a side note, have you ever noticed how much work it takes to go on a trip with kids? I booked the flight, booked the rental car, downloaded the disney apps, booked all of our dining, and scheduled our entire week. I started packing the suitcases on Monday.  I booked the boarding for the dog, got him up to date on his shots, did all of the shopping for travel toiletries, snacks for the plane, and activities for the plane.  I put a hold on the mail, requested extra patrol from McKinney PD, reported the absence to Kirsten's school and got all of her make up work.  I packed the clothes for all four of us, the toiletries for all four of us, the carry-ons for all four of us.  Then Jeremy walks in, puts his Kindle into the back pack and declares that he is done packing and all ready for the trip.  It is really, really, not fair, but I digress....

So we flew out early Saturday morning and arrived at the John Wayne Airport at 10 in the morning.  Kirsten and Katie were fascinated with the John Wayne statue, even though I am pretty sure they have no idea who he is.
 We picked up our rental car - we got an amazing  new Camry - and headed to my Aunt Verlanne and Uncle Johnny's house.  After unpacking and getting settled, we decided to head up to Hollywood and do some sightseeing.  We all got a kick out of the open top tour buses.
 Kirsten was so excited to see the Hollywood sign and to see the walk of fame.  And no, I have no idea whose star that is.
 As we were driving down Hollywood Blvd we saw the Scientology center.
 Then a block later we saw the Scientology Celebrity Center.  It looked like a huge, impenetrable compound.
 After our drive through Hollywood, we headed up the road to Griffith Park.  After a desperate search for a working bathroom, we headed to the carousel.

 Katie for some reason does not like Carousels.  When Kirsten was her age, she would throw a fit to go on every single one she saw.  Katie throws a fit not to go on them.  She was tenative at first.
Daddy held on tight and pretty soon she calmed down and started waving to me as they passed.  
 The park is so beautiful.  You could spend days there.  We ran around and played in the grass and on many of the swing sets.  We tried to go horseback riding and to ride the train, but the lines were really long.
 Next we took a scenic drive up the mountain to the observatory.
 We had some seriously amazing views of the valley.
Afterwards we headed back down to Orange County, had dinner at souplantation and then fought to get the girls to sleep at a decent time.  It was a fun first day of our trip.  Stay tuned for more!

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Nancy said...

I'm reading along...can't wait to hear more! I used to live really close to Griffith Park. :)