Monday, April 15, 2013

California Trip Day 3 - Monday

Monday was the morning we had all been waiting for - our first day at Disneyland!  Kirsten and Katie woke up at 5 am, giving us four hours until the park opened.  They did not quite get that and it made for a long morning.  They got dressed in their matching Ariel shirts and eventually we were ready to go!
We met my Aunt Marilyn at the entrance at 9 so that we could start our day!  She is the best and we are so grateful to her for helping us get into Disneyland!
The very first thing we did once inside was meet Minnie Mouse.  Kirsten was so excited and ran right up to hug her.  Katie on the other hand screamed and tried to run off.
We were able to get autographs and Katie let us take a picture, as long as she was being held.
Next we met Goofy who Kirsten loved and Katie was scared of, again.
She did better with Alice, probably because she looks like a real person.
Pinocchio was fun and not as big as the other characters. Katie seemed to be getting more comfortable with them by this point.
Then finally, we made our way around to Mickey Mouse.  Katie surprised us by running up and hugging him.  I did not expect it and did not have my camera ready.  I am so glad it only took a few minutes for her to get over her fear of the characters because I think that is the best part of Disneyland.
We headed to the Mad Hatter and got ears for the girls and hats for Jeremy and me and then headed into the park.  We had to take a family picture with the castle.
Then we were able to be the first people in line to meet Jasmine.  I am totally in love with the Mobile Magic Disney App.  It has a character locator on it and tells you exactly who is going to be where and when.
Our very first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean.  Kirsten loved it and Katie cried.  We made it up to her by going on the Winnie the Pooh ride next.
Then Kirsten and Jeremy went on Splash Mountain next door while we waited in line for Pooh and Friends.  We got to meet Eyeore!
And then of course Winnie the Pooh.  The girls loved him and took turns snuggling up to him.
We were surprised by seeing Tiana in New Orleans, and Katie almost lost it with excitement!
My Aunt Verlanne and my cousin, Janica with her three kiddos, met us at Disneyland that morning as well.  Next up was the Tarzan Treehouse.  We were not planning on it, but the kids took off running up the steps and so we followed.  At the bottom, the girls had fun playing with their cousins who met us there.  Here is Katie and Allyson - they are just two days apart.
Kirsten and Aunt Verlanne.
Kirsten and Katie
After a lunch break, the next ride we managed to make it on was "It's a Small World"  
Kirsten and Emily insisted on sitting together in the very front of the boat.
We also managed to make it to the teacups.  Jeremy and Kirsten went together on the "fast teacup"
While the rest of us went on the "slow teacup"
All of the kiddos together!
Janica had to leave after that with her kids, but Verlanne stayed with us the rest of the day.  Kirsten, Verlanne, and I went on the Matterhorn while Jeremy got in line with Katie for the Finding Nemo submarine.  We finished our ride just as he was getting to the front, so we got to jump into line with him and do both!
After a few more rides, including Autotopia, and Buzz Lightyear and then a dinner break, we went on Star Tours.  They have completely re-done the ride and it was so fun!  Katie was not tall enough, so we did a rider switch and Kirsten got to go on it twice - lucky!
We then headed back over to Splash Mountain so Verlanne and I could go on it with Kirsten this time.  Kirsten got really wet because she sat in the front!  She wore daddy's jacket the rest of the night to stay warm.  We also went on the Haunted Mansion which Kirsten loved.  Katie put Jeremy's hat over her face and sat like a statue between us the entire time.  

Our last ride of the night was the Jungle Safari, which is always one of my favorites.  Our tour guide this time was particularly hilarious.
We decided after the Jungle Safari that we better head home, since the park was closing.  Both kids fell asleep in the car and we just slipped them into bed, clothes and all when we got home.
It was a wonderfully fun first day at Disney and the kids were such troopers going open to close and being happy through it all!

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