Wednesday, April 17, 2013

California Trip Day 5 - Wednesday

Wednesday was our third and final day at Disneyland.  I think that we wore the girls out because they slept in until 6:30 in the morning!  We headed back up to the park and surprised the girls by attending the Minnie and Friends Breakfast at the Plaza Inn.
 It was really similar to lunch yesterday in that the characters come to your table and spend time with you individually.  Our first visitor was Dale.  Kirsten kept asking where Chip was.
 Then we had a visit from Tigger!  The girls were super excited since we had missed him by a few minutes on Monday.  They had a lot of fun running around and playing with him.
 Then we had a magical visit from Cinderella's Fairy Godmother.  She was so sweet and Katie keeps asking to visit her again.
 And of course we had a visit from Minnie Mouse!
 Katie told Minnie "I am sorry I was scared of you on Monday.  I really love you!"  It was so sweet.
 Then we had another visit from Eyeore.
 And finally, Captain Hook.  I do not particularly like Captain Hook.  When I was two he tried to steal my sister.  We are not friends.  Katie shared my sentiment and would not get near him.  Kirsten on the other hand loved him.  He kissed her hand, and she keeps talking about how he treated her like a little lady.
 After a truly magical breakfast, Jeremy went to change Katie's diaper, and Kirsten went on the Astro Orbiters all by herself while I looked on.  It was crazy to watch her go through the line and get on the ride all by herself.
 The girls would not let us go through the day without a visit to Pixie Hollow.
 While we were there, we met Rosetta
 And also met Terrance.  Tinkerbell was off at the mainland for the day....
 Kirsten said she felt like they shrunk her to be a real fairy!
 After Pixie Hollow, we discover Snow White's wishing well.  I have been to Disneyland more times than I can count and I never knew it was there!  They sang wishing song from snow white and danced around.  It was so cute!
 We headed into Fantasyland and hit the rides we missed on Monday.  Including Peter Pan, Snow White, Pinocchio, Mr Toad's Wild Ride and Kacey's Circus Train.
 And we also went on the Story Book Canal Boats - another ride I have never been on, but loved!
 Kirsten and Katie were also thrilled to be able to meet Merida from Brave.
And of course, we had to wait the hour to meet Rapunzel in her tower.  It was worth every minute to see their faces light up when they saw her.
 We headed to Toon Town next and took Katie on her first roller coaster.  She did not like it.
 Kirsten and Jeremy went on the Matterhorn one more time, we had lunch, and then headed over to California Adventure.

Once there we went straight to the theater to see the Aladdin Musical.  It was even better than I remembered!

Somewhere over the past week, Kirsten turned into a little daredevil.  She insisted on going on the Tower of Terror.  I took her the first time.  I was really worried about her.  When we got off and I asked if she was okay, she said "My legs are trembling.  That was awesome!  Let's go again!"  So Jeremy took her on it again while I took Katie back to the Bug's Life Land to go on rides more her speed.
 Saturday night we had a picnic that I had pre-purchased to get our tickets for World of Color.  We ate pretty late and it was really quiet, which was really nice.
 Our last ride of the night was Toy Story Mania.  It consistently has the longest lines in the park and no fast passes, but we love it and always do it anyways.
 Then at last it was time to find our seats for World of Color.  The show was amazing and we had amazing tickets.  The girls were such troopers - the show did not even start until 9:15.
 It was 10:30 by the time we got to our car, and we had been at the park for 13 1/2 hours that day. We were exhausted and sore, especially the little ones.
We had so much fun and did not want it to end.  Disneyland truly is the Happiest Place on Earth!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Wow! Disneyland looks a lot different than it did when I was last there--looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Glad your Aunt Marilyn is able to help out in that regard...