Friday, April 5, 2013

Kirsten's Project

I wanted to share this incredible project that Kirsten has been working on at school.  They have been doing a unit on forests.  They have studied all types of forests as a class.  At Girl Scout camp it was so fun watching the girls identify the things they saw on our hikes by their scientific names. 

 Each student in second grade chose an animal from a forest to research.  They spent three weeks at school researching in the library, encyclopedias and online for information about their animal.  Kirsten's animal was the hummingbird.  At open house we were able to see all of their hard work.  

Kirsten wrote a seven page paper all about the hummingbird.  She included the food chain, habitat, adaptations, and fun facts.  

She drew a hummingbird that went on the wall in the hallway - they decorated the entire pod to look like the different forests. 

 She created and gave a 10 minute power point presentation to her class about the hummingbird.  She created a diorama habitat of the rain forest where the hummingbird lives.

They also put together a video as a class highlighting each of their 
animals.  Kirsten is at the 7 minute mark if you want to jump ahead.    

She worked so hard on this project and we are so proud of her so I thought I would share.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

I loved seeing Kirsten's project--she did such a wonderful job!