Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break

We had a wonderful spring break this year.  My mom came down since it was her 60th birthday.  It was wonderful to be able to celebrate with her.  We had a small party for her on Saturday.  I made enchiladas and a carrot cake.  I was able to give her the quilt that I made for her.  

On Monday, we headed down to the Dallas Zoo.  We had so much fun!

Feeding the Giraffes

On the Monorail

We ate lunch this close to the lions!
We had such a great time and are definitely going back again soon since my mom bought us a family membership!

My mom left on Tuesday, so it was just the girls and me after that.  We had plenty of picnic lunches in the living room, went to the park almost everyday and went on several bike rides.  The weather was perfect!
On Saturday, I finally decided to decorate my front porch.  It has been empty since we moved in almost 8 years ago, so I figured it was time.  I love how it turned out.
Kirsten and I were also able to get the garden planted with plants from my Aunt Iva.  Hopefully we can keep the rabbits out of them this year!
And then just like that, spring break was gone.  It was sure fun while it lasted though!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am so happy that I was able to come and spend some time with you all on your Spring Break. I really enjoyed it. Love you all!