Sunday, June 2, 2013


Right after we got back from our trip, Kirsten was able to participate in the 2nd grade musical at her school titled BUGZ!   I had just 2 days help her memorize her lines and pull together a Firefly costume.  I think it turned out rather cute!
 Katie sitting with Grandma - she loved watching her sissy sing!
 Kirsten is in the back in the middle.  It was such a cute show.  The videos are too large to upload here, but her lines were really cute she said

"They've spread the blanket right here on the ground, we won't even have to climb.  Come on bugs, let's do our thing, at last it's supper time!"
 The three amigas - Azalea, Kirsten and Avery
 A family shot with our bug
 Kirsten's cheering section - she was so lucky to have Grandma Alleman and Grandpa Lowe come and see her.
 Kirsten and Michael - he was an Army Ant.
I have to admit that we partially planned the timing of our vacation so that she could be home in time to perform.  She did such a great job and are so proud of our Kirsten.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Good Job Kirsten! Love you, Grandma Starnes