Sunday, June 2, 2013

School, Katie Style

Not a day goes by that Katie does not beg to go to school.  She gets dressed, packs her back pack and demands that we go.  She does not understand why Kirsten gets to go and she does not. 
So we have started doing school together at home.  She can trace her alphabet, identify all of the alphabet, identify her numbers, count to 50, identify all her colors and shapes and do 24 piece puzzles by herself.  It is pretty fun to do with her.  Of course, she has some of the best classmates learning along side of her.
 And sometimes Gingy even gets to go to school with her.
 Katie also has a sudden aversion to normal clothing.  She is typically either dressed like this...
 Or this  
And this is her preferred method for getting to "school"
 And after a long hard day of learning, this is both girls favorite spot to curl up and relax with their puppy.
 I think someone is going to be pretty happy in September when she starts preschool!

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Yes, little sisters always want to be like their big sister--as you and I both know..... She is a doll! Just like you were. Love, MOM