Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arboretum and Temple

This summer the Dallas Arboretum has an Alice in Wonderland exhibit that is just beautiful.  On Fridays, they have characters there that you can meet as well.  We headed down on Friday morning to take advantage of the beautiful weather.  The first thing we did was meet Alice.
 The only problem was, when we went to Disneyland in April, the first thing we did was meet Alice.  So Katie decided we were at Disneyland.  She spent the rest of the day asking to see Rapunzel and go on Small World.

That aside, the exhibits were amazing.  There was a tea party,
 and a Rabbit Hole, 
 Which of course my girls had to go down.
 They also had Alice's house, the cheshire cat, the Palace, and my favorite, the Queen's Croquet Field.
 We also saw the caterpillar
 And enjoyed story time with Alice.  She read her story, of course.
There was also an explorers exhibit that was interactive for the kids with pyramid slides,
 Lewis and Clark's Tee-pee
 and canoe
 A fountain of youth, asian pergola, and many others.  Kirsten was interested in learning about them, Katie not so much.  She was more interested in running around.

As the day got warmer, Kirsten got tired, so Katie pushed her around in the stroller.
 Then Katie got tired, so I pushed them both around in the stroller.
 Then mommy was tired and no one would push me in the stroller.  Oh well.

After the Arboretum, we headed over to the Dallas Temple.  Katie asks almost daily to go to the Temple, so I finally made time to get her there.
 We went inside to use the bathroom, but she did not quite understand why she could not go past the desk.  So we headed back outside before one of her massive melt downs.

I love it when my girls get along.  They are the best of friends (sometimes)
 We spent some time by the fountains,
 Which Katie now refers to as "Temple Water"
Next stop was the bookstore.  We went to buy Kirsten her own set of scriptures since she is turning 8 in August and being baptized.  They were completely out.  It turns out that they are releasing a new set of scriptures, the first revision since 1981.  It is not available until August though.  So I went ahead and ordered them online and they should be here by her baptism.  I was a little sad to not have them for her birthday, but I would rather her have the update revision.  I am really excited about them, you can find out more information here.

We decided to have lunch at this little Italian place next to the bookstore.  It was so good, run by an older gentleman and his wife.  We were the only ones there!  Kirsten and Katie thought it was great to have a restaurant all to ourselves.

Luckily Katie took a nap in the car on the way home so that we could be ready for family movie night when daddy got home.

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