Thursday, July 18, 2013

End of 2nd Grade

All good things must come to an end, and I have to say that 2nd Grade was not only good, but amazing this year.  That is mostly due to Kirsten's teacher, Ms Olson.  It was her first year teaching and I have never met a teacher with so much enthusiasm and so much love to give.  Kirsten looks up to her and she is a great role model for my daughter to have.

The last week of school was definitely a busy one.  I took the week off of work to be able to help with all of the things going on at the school, especially since I was room mom this year.

On June 4th, Kirsten was able to celebrate her birthday with her class.  A huge thanks to Ms Olson for letting us do it that day - Kirsten really wanted it on the 4th since her birthday is August 4th.  We brought in cupcakes and then Kirsten got to sit in the chair in front while her classmates asked her questions about herself.  Of course Katie had to join her!
 The last day of school was a crazy busy one, and unfortunately I was a little late getting to the school for the celebration of learning because I was watching a friend's kids and there was a miscommunication about pick up time.  We made it though just in time to give Ms Olson her gifts.  We compiled a cookbook of recipes from each member of the class with pictures.  I also made an apron, embroidered her name and year on it and then had each member of the class sign it.
 Kirsten received the Jolly Rancher award for always being happy to learn each and every day.
 Then we headed outside to the park for an ice cream sundae bar.  I also personalized 24 frisbees for each member of the class then they had their friends sign them.

Here is Kirsten and Ms Olson right as we were leaving. 
We are truly blessed to have had her as a teacher this year and will miss her dearly.

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