Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Field Day

Field Day was on a Thursday this year, so I was not able to be there the entire time and volunteer this year.  Luckily, Grandma Alleman was able to be there for Kirsten and then I was able to come over for about an hour on my break from work.  

It was a much cooler day then last year - about 85 and overcast versus 105 and sunny.  The kids still loved the water games the most though!

 Just a little bit wet!
 The tug of war is also an all time favorite.  The girls beat the boys - four times!
 When it came time for the three-legged race, they were short one person for Kirsten's class.  Grandma was a good sport and stepped up to be Kirsten's partner.  She was so thrilled!  Thanks Grandma!

Those are all the pictures I have because I had to head back to work.  It looked like such a fun day and Kirsten came home so tired!  Good thing there was no school on Friday so she could re-cooperate!

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