Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fourth of July

 Jeremy got up on Thursday morning (albeit not too early since we did not have kids with us) and headed back to Topeka.  On Wednesdays my Aunt Iva, Uncle Cole and their son Bryce drove up for the holiday.  Kirsten was over the moon to see her cousin again.  The first order of business was heading out to Lake Shawnee for the car show.  This is Grandpa Starnes with the kids and the El Camino that he restored.  He won 24th place at the show out of about 300 cars.
 There was music playing and the girls loved taking turns dancing with Bryce.
 We headed over for lunch at this place that I would honestly never consider setting foot in.  It looked like a run down tin shack of a bar that you see in the movies.  True to mom's word though, it was the best hamburger I have ever eaten.
Later in the day we headed back to the lake.  Iva and Cole were staying at the RV park with a lake front spot, so that is where we spent the rest of the day.  We built a fire, grilled chicken and hot dogs, made smores and played.  
 The best part was having the RV right there for the bathroom and air conditioning!
 My family in our matching shirts - it is our tradition each year!
 When it got dark we headed down to the edge of the lake to stake out our place to watch fire works.  We had a front row seat since they set them off over the lake.  Thank goodness my mom brought their shooting headsets to protect the girls' ears because we were close!
We did not make it back to my mom's until after 11, but it was well worth it!  It was such a fun 4th of July.

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