Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gage Park

On Monday morning my mom headed to work and I headed out with Kirsten and Katie to Gage Park.  Our first stop was the Topeka Zoo.  This zoo is special to us because it is the first zoo that Jeremy ever went to when he was a baby and then it is w the first zoo that Kirsten ever went to as well.  
 There was a big safari exhibit where they had tents and everything set up to rough it in the woods.  Kirsten and Katie loved playing like they were on a safari together.
 The only thing that got them to leave the safari was the promise of elephants and trees to climb.
 One of my favorite places is the rain forest.  You are able to get up close and personal with so many exotic animals.  I love seeing the Macaws.  They remind me of my time in Honduras when we would see them in the wild.  They are beautiful birds.
 Kirsten and Katie even got up really close to a flamingo.  I tried to get them to touch it, but they would not get any closer than this.
 We saw the Hippo three separate times during our day.  They were totally fascinated with him and watching him walk around and play.
 There was also a pretty cool bug exhibit.
 Katie loved looking at bugs through the magnifying glass.
 Katie was really brave and fed the goats.  She has never done that before, they have always scared her too much.  I think that feeding treats to Gingy has helped to get her over her fear of animals.
 Kirsten demonstrated her bravery by touching a live alligator!
 After the zoo we headed across the street to let the girls play for awhile.  I am not sure how, but Katie found the only mud hole in the entire park.
 We topped off the day with a ride on the train.
 It has been operating for 45 years and takes you all around the 160 acre park.
After the ride we headed over to Hanover's to meet my mom for lunch.
They say that they serve the best pancakes in Topeka.  I would like to go on the record as saying that is not true.  They serve the best pancakes in the entire world!  I could eat there everyday if it would not kill me.

We had a great Monday in Topeka!

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