Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heard Museum Field Trip

On May 1st, I got to go with Kirsten on her 2nd grade field trip to the Heard Museum.  I had a group of four kids with me for the day - Kirsten, Karoline, Joel and Matthew.
 Stacey and Mia came and had groups as well, so we spent most of the day with our groups together.
 The morning was spent hiking.  It was really hot and we logged 9 miles by the end of the day.
 It was beautiful terrain and I loved being able to spend the day with my sweet Kirsten!
 And Kirsten loved spending the day with her BFF, Azalea and her other friends.
 After a lunch break, we headed inside to explore the museum.  Despite all of the fun exhibits, the kids spent the majority of their time in the sand pit digging for fossils.
 It was a fun day but really exhausting too!

Katie was lucky and got to spend the day with Grandma Alleman.  Gingy was not quite so lucky, he got to spend the day at the SPCA being neutered.  Poor little guy, he has to wear the cone for two weeks!

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