Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kansas Children's Discovery Center

Tuesday was a lazy morning.  We met my mom for lunch at Hanovers again and after lunch we headed out to the Kansas Children's Discovery Center.  It was probably the single most amazing place I have ever taken my children.  I hardly know where to start describing it.  So here are a ton of pictures of our day.  

There was  room where all of the walls were black velcro and the only lights were black light and there were hundreds of neon shapes, letters, ect, well you get the idea.  Fun.
 Katie loved pretending to be a mechanic
 As did Kirsten.  They changed the tires, the air filter, washer fluid, and battery.
 And I am not really sure what Katie was working on down there, but she liked it.
After that, Kirsten went off doing her own thing and I chased Katie around as she worked in the restuarant.
Played Drums 
 Found the dress up clothes and worked as a Veterinarian
 Played Doctor
 and put on a puppet show.
We eventually found Kirsten in the glass room painting a window.

 So of course Katie had to join her and make her own creations.
 By the time our day was over she had actually painted nine different times.  She really loves painting.
 Kirsten really enjoyed playing with the grain.
 While Katie loved trying to figure out how changing the air flow patterns changed where the scarves and balls came out of the air tunnels.
We took some time to head outside and try out the bikes.  There was one double bike left, but they could not quite figure out the best configuration for riding together.  Should Katie be in front?
 Or should Kirsten?
 They had so much fun riding around and around!
 Eventually Kirsten finally got her own bike to ride and was able to head around a little bit faster.
 After several hours, Grandpa met us there and helped the girls with their wooden creations in the workshop.  
 Kirsten made an owl mostly by herself out of wood, bottle caps and nails.
On the website, they said to plan on allowing 2 hours to fully experience the Discovery Center.  We were there for four and a half hours and only left because they closed!  We will definitely have to make a return trip soon!

Wednesday morning Kirsten woke up early and headed out to go fishing with Grandpa.  She caught a catfish, but I do not have a picture of it.  She loves having this special time with people she loves.  With Grandpa Starnes, it is fishing, and with Grandpa Alleman it is carving.  Her Love Language is definitely Quality Time, just like me.
Wednesday afternoon I left the kiddos in the care of Grandma and Grandpa and I headed into Kansas City to pick Jeremy up at the airport. 

We finally had an opportunity to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and spent the night in Kansas City at the Embassy Suites.  It was so nice to have a child free night and enjoy time together, especially after six days apart!  

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