Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Craziest Saturday Ever

It seems like the end of the school year gets completely crazy, and this year was no exception.  June 1st was one of the busiest Saturdays that we have ever had.  But thanks to some amazing grandparents and friends, we were able to make it through!

The day started with the spring  piano recital for my piano studio.  We held it at our church this year and when we got there to set up, the building was locked.  My father in law saved us and not only got us it, helped us set up really quickly as well.  
Since Kirsten is one of my students, she was able to perform her songs as well.
All of my students this year.  Azalea, Anna, Kirsten, Meghan, Zachary, Evan, Abbey and Ella.
As soon as we were done with the recital, Jeremy's parents stayed and helped me clean up while my dad and Patty took Kirsten to her dance studio for Recital pictures.  Thank goodness she had grandma there to help with her hair, makeup and costume!  This is one of her ballet outfits.
 And her Jazz ensemble
 I got there in time to help her change her hair, makeup and costume for the second round of pictures.

We went home for lunch and then I ran Kirsten to Brickz for Kidz for her friend Nathan's birthday party.

 And not to be left out, while Kirsten was there, I went with Katie to her friend Kylie's birthday party.
I picked Kirsten up and we headed straight to Dallas to the American Girl Doll Store for our end of the year Girl Scout Party.  It is what the girls chose to do with their cookie money this year.  We had an amazing dinner in a private room.
 Followed by this beautiful and delicious cake
 They made skirts for their dolls and then thought it would be funny to hang them upside down while we ate.
 My troop!
I have loved being a Girl Scout Leader these past three years and will miss seeing my girls each week.

It was a crazy saturday, but we survived and built a ton of memories while we were at it!

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