Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Kirsten wanted to take the summer off of dance and explore other activities.  Her activity of choice was gymnastics.  After three weeks, it became apparent that chasing Katie for an hour during Kirsten’s class was a new form of torture.  I was lucky enough to find a class later in the evening when they could go at the same time.  So now every Thursday I get an hour to myself to read while they are in class.  It is pretty wonderful.  Oh, and they like it too.
 Katie’s favorite things to do are jump on the trampoline and jump into the pit of foam blocks.
 Kirsten did not really like it at first, but she is enjoying it more now.  She has become very good and back bends and back walk-overs, handstands and cartwheels, and has incredible balance on the balance beam.
I am not sure we will keep it up once school starts because Kirsten just made the Petite Stars Dance Company.  So she has a lot more dance every week and competitions on the weekends now.  Although, that hour to myself is pretty tempting….

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