Friday, November 1, 2013

Beginning of 3rd Grade and Preschool

Kirsten started third grade this year.  I can hardly believe how grown up and beautiful she is - inside and out.  She was so thrilled to meet her teacher and start this new year.
 As soon as we walked in the door we ran into Azalea.  They are so sad to not be in the same class this year, but spend as much time together as they can!
 Kirsten in front of her new classroom
 Kirsten's teacher is Mrs Helgeson.  This is her 22nd year of teaching, so she is more experienced than her 22 year old teacher last year.
 Katie really wanted to stay with Kirsten at her desk and we had to drag her out crying.
 We sure missed Kirsten that first day - especially Katie.  When we picked her up, we headed straight over to Sonic with some friends for our back to school tradition.
Katie and I made due that week the best we could.  I took the week off of work and tried to find fun things to do alone with my baby.

We headed down to Plano to the Indoor Safari Park.  Katie loved the train.  Technically our admission included 1 train ride, but I think she went on it 15 times.  Thank goodness no one was paying too close attention!
 We were joined by Cathleen and Rebecca and Katie loved playing with her and taking care of her.
 She rode the mechanical animals, although I am not sure she loved it.  She looked a little stoic and frightened.

 It was really fun and we will definitely have to go back.

We also spent some time baking cookies.  Katie loves to bake and asks to do it almost every single day.  Her favorite part is cracking the eggs.    She loved doing sugar cookies and getting to roll out the dough.

 She was so excited to eat them - she sat and watched them cook the entire time!
Finally, after a week, it was time for Katie to start school.  She insisted on taking her backpack to meet the teacher night and was quite upset that she did not get to stay.
 The first day came soon enough though, and she was thrilled!  She is going to Redeemer Day School two days a week.  It is the same preschool that Kirsten went to and we love it there!
Katie at her desk - she insists that it is just like sissy's
 Katie loves her teachers and talks about them constantly.  She even makes up songs and sings about them.

Mrs Trigsted
 Mr McNally
I am so happy and relieved that she loves school.  She says she would go everyday if it were up to here.  We may have to take her up on that next year!

So now the girls are fully acclimated at school and I am busy as ever at work and we are loving it!