Thursday, December 12, 2013

October in pictures

We loved having a quiet conference weekend.  we made our traditional homemade caramel corn and printed activity packets for the girls.  We spent the majority of the weekend camped out right here.
We also took time out to visit the Plano Heritage and Farmstead Museum.

 We have also been spending a ton of time having Zoe over to play with Katie.  They get along so well and Katie gets mad if we go a week without having her over.
 Katie is getting so big and loves getting new clothes!
 Kirsten's class had their annual performance for Good Morning Ogle.
 They sang a song to the tune of "I gotta feelin' that tonight's gonna be a good night" but changed the words to "I've gotta feelin' that this book's gonna be a good book...."  It was really cut and fun!
 Katie loved watching her sister and wanted to get up on the stage with her.
 Grandma even came up to see Kirsten perform!
We have also been taking advantage of the beautiful, warm fall and spending tons of time outside in the back yard.

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