Thursday, January 2, 2014

West Coast Dance Explosion

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Kirsten attended her very first dance competition and convention, the West Coast Dance Explosion.  It was at the Frisco Convention Center and even though we had to be there really early in the morning, Kirsten was super excited and ready to go.
 Here are all the company girls from her studio the morning of the competition.
 Since it was a convention, they spent most of Saturday in workshops.  They had stretching, ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tap, contemporary, ballroom, and modern jazz.
 During the ballroom workshop, Kirsten was pulled up on stage to demonstrate the fox trot with the instructor.  She was thrilled!
By the time we made it to lunch, she was ready to relax and eat.
 About 3 in the afternoon, it was time to head to the dressing room and start doing her hair and makeup to get ready for their performance.
 Here is my cutie pie all ready to go!
Their song is "Doctor, Doctor, Give me the news, I gotta bad case of lovin' you"  So they have doctor costumes.  It was totally cute.  Here is their ending pose on the stage.
 Of course, she had a great cheering section there to support her.
  After everyone had performed, all the girls went on stage for the awards ceremony.  They took 2nd place overall in the "mini" division.
We are so proud of our Kirsten and can hardly wait for the next competition!

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